Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 01 Oct 2022 11:00:17 +0530 en-us Bias Ply Tyre Repair Patches Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries' bias ply tyre repair patches are produced with a plate of rubber, which serves as a shocking absorber and is between the fabric and cushion gum. They, therefore, deliver high strength and versatility while guaranteeing road safety. Bias repair patches may be used to puncture the flattened tires from large, medium to skid. This collection is known to be the best screening items for bias-ply tires. These patches are often provided with a metal spring which is intended to be easy to mount. We are a bias ply tyre repair patches supplier providing patches that are developed in accordance with the latest standards while selecting the premium rubber grade from reliable market providers. In various configurations, we present bias tyre patches to our customers. We're bias ply tyre repair patches manufacturer and produce a quality variety of pneumatic parts for our esteemed customers. We make our patches with a ply of rubber that serves as shock absorbers between the corded textiles and the coiling gum. They, therefore, deliver a high degree of strength and versatility thus maintaining road safety. It has been developed as the most advanced tyre repair system. In passenger vehicle, truck, tractor and earthmover, our bias ply repair devices can be used for repairing sidewall, crown and should injuries. Cycle Tube Repair Patches Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries is one of India's leading manufacturers of cycle tube repair patches. Due to the unparalleled quality and the unmatched performance of each application, different national and foreign customers place bulk orders for tube repair patches. In addition, the availability of tube repairs is simplified to consumers in accordance with the requirements in size and size. We are tube repair patches suppliers and our patches make tube patches easy to use and convenient to use. They affirm that continuous and risk-free repairs are twice as strong as the tunnel. The company is the pioneer of self-vulcanizing tube repairs across the entire line. For tube damages on or off the lane, the tuck manufactures round and oval tube repairs. We are a cycle tube repair patches manufacturer having experience in the production and delivery of a wide variety of cycle tube repair patches. These are made of the finest raw materials obtained from the industry's reliable suppliers. These products are highly demanded by different customers because of their greater strength and superior construction. Its basic architecture ensures simple implementation and facilitates the repair process. We have a wide range of motorcycle tube patches as a customer-oriented company. Furthermore, we offer these goods at very low prices. Radial Tyre Repair Patches Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries' radial tyre repair patches are designed for the reinforcement and repair of radial tyres reinforcement technology. They are made of a special polyester fibre rubber compound. They are famous for their outstanding consistency, reliability, operations and performance. Customers will use these from us at our competitive rivals at very affordable rates on the market. Being a radial tyre repair patches supplier, we provide patches that have high strength and increased versatility. This improves the lives of tyres, saving thousands of dollars on new tyres. In passenger vehicle, truck, tractor and earthmover pneumatics, our radial repair parches can be used to repair sidewalls, shoulder and crown injuries. Thanks to our enormous business expertise and our knowledge of the sector, we give our esteemed employers a wide range of Radial Tyre patches. We are a radial tyre repair patches Manufacturer having a commendable collection of radial tyre patches in a committed way. In the automotive industry, the patches offered are commonly used. The patches supplied are produced under the rigorous supervision of the trained professionals in our technically good production house, using high-quality material and advanced technology. The provided patches are exceptionally appreciated by our precious customers, thanks to their remarkable features such as longevity and tear resistance property. Cycle Tube Repair Compound Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries create a cycle tube repair compound that needs treatment to overheat prior to actually adding on the tube injuries. It can be used to repair any size tube injuries. We are a cycle tube repair compound manufacturer producing a wide variety of indoor repair tube compounds in India to our clients, manufactured by our qualified professional in accordance with industry quality standards using high-grade raw materials. These compounds are available in a wide range of lengths, thicknesses and formats to meet the wide demands of customers. These repair tube compounds are sold to valuable customers at industry leading prices. Technologically advanced equipment and machines that assist the quality and quantity of output of industrial goods is supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure unit. In the consistent growth of the organization, the robust infrastructural base played a vital role in us becoming a top cycle tube repair compound supplier. Different stringent quality checks are carried out from the very beginning phase of raw materials procurement until the final phase in the launch of end goods, given the importance of serving flawless quality products. In order to ensure more complete consistency, our quality management managers supervise the tests. We have a large packaging facility with all the advanced installations needed to make the goods worth packing. The packaging of the conventions also protects goods from external contaminants and transit damage. Cycle Tube Repair Sheets Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries offer a broad range of cycle tube repair sheets with the help of the unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise. We are a cycle tube repair sheet manufacturer with consistency as our primary concern. These sheets can be tailored to customer requirements. There's nothing worse than having a flat tyre, but you can get back on track easily and inexpensively with a wide variety of inland tube punch repair patches available here. As a reputable cycle tube repair sheet supplier and retailer, our business achieved a respectable spot on the market. Self-adhesive patches can be much simpler and easier to repair on the pneumatic tube without any adhesive. We produce this sheet with high-quality materials in our sound production facility. Top repair tool, internal tube, air bed, cupboard, matt air, paddling pool etc. Great repair tool. A tube repair sheet in various sizes and thicknesses is available according to the needs of each customer. At reasonable rates, we sell this sheet. Although our repair items are designed for a variety of sizes and are designed for various types of tubes, all of which combine them is that they can produce an airproof seal over a perforation and allow you to reflate the pneumatic tube without purchasing any more costly substitute parts. Cycle Tube Solution Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries is a cycle tube solution supplier offering products that are preloaded with their own adhesive, making them particularly easy to use. We also sell a number of all-purpose rubber repair sheets which are ready to be shortened to whatever size or shape you need, making your problem even more flexible. Being a cycle tube solution manufacturer we design some of these items for certain applications, including the repair of internal tubes used on cycles. Other products often meet the requirements required for use in automotive tyres, so it is sensitive to read the specifications of the products carefully and to make your decision informed because of all these differences. Another reason to closely review the requirements is that there are normal variations in the thickness of the material and external diameter when cycle tube solution India is concerned, which will further dictate the kind of punching they are capable of fixing. We are among the renowned organizations that are committed to offering the best quality solution for cycle tubes. We deliver a bicycle tube solution that meets the requirements of our customers. With extra strong binding and faster setting, we have been proud to launch numerous tube solutions, such as designed adhesives for all sorts of adhesive needs. Black Vulcanising Solution Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The vulcanising solution also called a black vulcanising solution India or just a BVC is an extremely tacky rubber compound distribution system in an appropriate solvent. The product is used for retrieving precise tyres, as well as for retrieving traditional or hot process tyres, and offers superior scorching protection and longer shelf life. It is a chloroprene based rubber adhesive that produces high strength adhesive when the rubber bonds with rubber to fabric, rubber to metal, rubber to PVC, urethane, glass, cement etc. when catalyzed with the appropriate amount of hardener. With the help of our qualified staff, based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries are a black vulcanising solution manufacturer who is instrumental in providing a complete range of vulcanization solutions. It is two room temperature elements. It is formulated after intensive research and development activities to meet complex industrial application needs. We are a black vulcanising solution supplier delivering an outstanding quality vulcanizing solution to meet the various requirements of our customers. This solution is not jelly, and therefore it can also be used for retreating the last drop of cement. High quality tackling resins have strong adhesive properties on the cement and lower drying time is provided by the use of high-quality raw materials. Bonding Gum Fri, 19 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries are a notable bonding gum suppliers India, providing bonding gum of supreme grade. This gum is used as a rotary splitting substance to vulcanize the precise rotation into the housing. Our gum offered is made of high-quality content and advanced machines. In addition, quality is tested at various stages of the quality criteria before they are delivered to our customers. At a reasonable price, we sell our customers this gum. By offering a distinguished range of bonding gum, we have achieved a notable place in the industry of bonding gum manufacturers in India. It is suitable for use in compositions of cement latex. It possesses excellent mechanical stability and a long-lasting non-foaming behaviour. It passes the stability test for the freeze-thaw cycle. The water penetration into the cement mechanism, which gives improved ageing, is highly resistant. The water-cement ratio is reduced significantly, which increases the mortar’s compressive power. We are distinctive bonding gum suppliers offering high-quality bonding gums to our buyers. Our range is the quality products from factory victimization which are obtained by reputable market vendors. For structural repairs of top strength, concrete, plaster & patchwork, bonding work, is helpful. Instant Cycle Tube Repair Patches Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Hisar, Haryana Diamond Rubber Industries sell a wide range of instant cycle tube repair patches, thanks to the unfathomable amounts of industry knowledge. We provide full satisfaction to our customers, being a customer-centric instant cycle tube repair patch supplier. Our patches of high-quality basic material and advanced technology are produced in conjunction with the industry standards by our highly qualified professionals. We are a renowned instant cycle tube repair patch manufacturer and our quality experts thoroughly monitor our products for a wide variety of steps in advance of their final shipment. These patches are used to repair tyres. These patches are used. These patches can be used in various sizes and forms according to individual needs by our customers. Our repair patches are very robust and durable. They are made of an auto-vulcanized Black Body. They are made of black. They are produced with nest chemicals, which are particularly produced for rubber products. Its pH and features mean that the self-vulcanizing chuckle contributes to a long life. We are a renowned company that offers a quality range of tube patches. Our repair patches are made with special compounds and thicker rubber to repair any form of pneumatic nail hole injuries. They can also be used where thicker patches are needed for tube repairs.